Trend Briefing 2016

Backlash Culture Report


Backlash Culture is a call to arms that urges companies to take a more combative stance against the tired tropes to which consumers have now closed their minds.


About the report:

Within Backlash Culture, our three macrotrends – Backlash Brands, Gen Viz and The E-motional Economy – provide an in-depth look at the brand language, consumer mindsets and cultural atmosphere that will define the months and years ahead.


Backlash Brands explains how to be more honest and why you must now be bold in using conflict and contradiction to connect with consumers. Gen Viz is an eye-opening portrait of new-generation teenagers who are terrifyingly entrepreneurial, primarily visual and upliftingly engaged. The E-motional Economy investigates how a new focus on feelings is combining with artificial intelligence to create a new era of emodiversity. Together, the three build to deliver inspiring insight into the new and next.